BRIGHT SunBell Smart

A unique solar lantern and smartphone charger that can charge 70% of an iPhone 7 with more than 6 hours+ of light on medium remaining.

749kr (includes VAT)


SunBell Smart adds new features and additional battery capacity to the award winning and multi-functional SunBell. It invokes interest and emotional appeal, creating a “wow” factor with its users.

SunBell Smart is a high-quality and weatherproof lamp with more than 7 hours of light on full-power on a single charge. It has an integrated USB charger that can be used to charge most smartphones.

SunBell Smart offers 8 key functions in one product, making it the most high-performing and multi-functional product in its class.

(Currently only available for deliveries to the Norwegian market)


700 g


15 x 15 x 16 cm


Blue, Mint Green, Orange, Red

Technical data at a glance

• Solar charging
• Light modes: Low – med – high
• 8 functions
• Integrated USB charger
• Serial number


• 3 Samsung LEDs
• LED lifespan: 50,000 hours+
• Light distribution: 360-90 degrees (depending on use)
• Light colour: Cool White (5,500-6,000 Kelvin)
• Low battery alert and auto-dim down function
• Emergency strobe light

Charging and battery storage

• Normal solar charge time: 6-7 hoursNormal solar charge time: 6-7 hours 
• Solar panel output: 1.5 W at 5 V 
• 3 m retractable solar cable 
• MPPT technology for optimized charge efficiency 
• USB charge time: 2 hours 
• Battery type: Li-ion NMC 
• Battery capacity: 7.5 Wh (2,200 mAh at 3.7 V) 
• Lifespan: 4+ year (1,500 charge cycles) 
• Easily replaceable battery 
• Battery protection: Self discharge, deep discharge, reverse polarity, trickle charge

Other product facts

• Drop-proof and UV-stable polycarbonate & ABS casing 
• Steel gooseneck 
• Standard 2 years warranty 
• Dynamic LED charge rate indication to help optimize solar panel placement 
• IP64